Our five best tips: How to make the most of your weekend

We all know the feeling of being tired and exhausted when getting home from work on a friday – but we have probably also all had the feeling of not being able to put our work down and not thinking about it during the weekend. But it is actually very important not to work too much during the weekend if you want to be productive during the week. The weekend is made for time off – not for work. And that is why we in this article have gathered our five best tips for you on how you can make the most of your weekend so you can be even more productive when returning to work on monday. A productive weekend will eventually result in a more productive work week as well.

1: Remember to relax your body and mind

An easy and simple way to get your mind off your work is to relax and think about something else. An easy way to do this is to distract your head and brain with something that has absolutely nothing to do with your work tasks. You could for example try doing yoga to relax both body and brain at the same time. If yoga is not for you, you could try playing games on a casino online to take your mind off everything around you. Playing games is a really good way of de-stressing the brain and giving it time to think about something else. So you can – with good conscience – sit down on your couch and play games on your phone or tablet for a few hours when you get home from a long and busy week at work.

2: Rise and shine – and don’t sleep in

One of the common mistakes that people make during the weekend is that they sleep too much in order to be able to maybe catch up on some of the sleep that they did not get during the work week. It is tempting to sleep in and maybe even stay in bed for a few hours after waking up, but this can actually have a negative effect on your sleeping patterns. Instead of catching up on sleep, you make it more difficult for yourself to get out of bed the next monday. That is why you should get out of bed as early as possible – also on the weekends. Rise and shine early and make a delicious breakfast or brunch for your whole family. Get a good start in your day and the rest of the day will be more productive.

3: Organize your home and your calendar

A clean house makes a clean mind. When your home, house and garden is organized, it is easier for your mind also to get organized. That is why you should use the time you have during the weekend to clean up and organize your home. And you should do this friday or saturday to avoid stressing about it on sunday. The sooner you get your home organized and cleaned, the more time you have to enjoy it for the rest of the weekend. And while you are doing so, you should take an hour or 30 minutes to organize your calendar and schedule all the important meetings and appointments for the coming week. The sooner you do this, the more time you have to relax.

4: Stay away from electronics and social media

If you really need to de-stress, a – relatively – easy way to do this is to stay away from electronics and especially social media. First of all, looking at a screen for many hours every day will make it harder for you to sleep, which will make it even harder for you to focus and concentrate the next day. This is also a great way to automatically stay away from social media. Social media can make your brain and mind worry about unnesceccary things which will have the completely opposite effect – if you are looking for ways to relax and de-stress. Therefore – stay away from electronics during the weekend if possible. 

5: “Me-time” or family time?

If you really want to utilize your weekend and feel like you are off of work, you should plan some “me-time”, so you are able to relax completely. This could be at home or maybe in a spa. Or if relaxing for you means spending time with your family, make plans to do something altogether like going to the zoo or watching a movie together in your living room. Different people relax in different ways, and you should relax the way you personally want to, whether it means spending time with your whole family or planning “me time” where you have time to be all by yourself in order to relax.

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