Outstanding Warrant Wanted List results in first arrest

A man has been arrested less then 24-hours after his information was included as part of a list of people with outstanding warrants.

On Tuesday HRM Partners in Policing released the High Risk Enforcement Action Team (Heat) Outstanding Warrant List to the public for the first time. Each list contains up to ten people who have warrants for their arrest and are believed to reside in HRM, and all avenues to locate them have been exhausted.

As a result of the list being released, 19-year-old Bryden Grant Mader turned himself in to New Glasgow Police yesterday morning.

Officers assigned to the HEAT Unit will be transporting Mader back to Halifax where it is expected he will attend court.

The list is available on the Halifax Regional Police website at www.halifax.ca/police/HeatList and will be updated to reflect yesterday’s arrest.

Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/outstanding-warrant-wanted-list-results-in-first-arrest


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