HHB is pleased to advise that the continuous overnight closures of the Macdonald Bridge end Friday, December 22 at 5:30am.

The suspended structure of the Macdonald Bridge has been replaced including the road deck, truss, floor beams and vertical hangers. With the exception of the towers and the main cable, almost the entire infrastructure on the suspended spans is new. The Macdonald Bridge is 62 years old and is safe for at least another 75 years.

What to expect in 2018
To complete the Big Lift single lane closures (outside peak traffic hours) will be needed in early 2018. A limited number of periodic overnight bridge closures will be required during the spring of 2018. The timing of these closures will be communicated in early 2018.

HHB thanks bridge users for their patience through this complex engineering feat.


Source: Media Release

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