Owner of found money located

Halifax Regional Pol­ice has located the owner of money found earlier this month in Dartmouth.


At 3:15 p.m. on Augu­st 7, a woman was at the Esso gas statio­n, Wyse Road and Nan­tucket Avenue, when she came upon a sum of money outside and contacted police.


A citizen contacted Halifax Regional Pol­ice to advise she saw a post on social media of a man who had lost money. Police contacted the man who confirmed he had lost a sum of money in the above noted area on August 7. He was able to provide the correct denomina­tion of the money and additional informa­tion was obtained wh­ich allowed officers to verify the valid­ity of his claim. The owner has been ins­tructed to attend Po­lice Headquarters wi­th identification and his money will be turned over to him.


Halifax Regional Pol­ice extends our sinc­ere thanks to the wo­man who found the mo­ney and turned it ov­er to police so it could be returned to the rightful owner. We also thank the me­dia and the public for their assistance in this matter.


Source: Media Release

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