p90x for women giveaway: get a better body back!

p90x for women giveaway: get a better body back!

p90x for women giveaway: get a better body back!

Nope, it’s not easy {is working out ever easy??} and yes I’ve had {many} setbacks since starting my journey with P90X but when it comes down to it, this crazypants workout program truly works. I had been hearing about the program for so long, saw the commercials, jaw-dropped at the youtube before & after videos posted by other moms and thought I neeeeed to do this. I CAN do this! So when Beachbody Coach Angela Worth asked me if I’d like to review P90X, I hummed and hawed a little bit but finally had to courage to try it out. Here’s my starting pics.

The great thing about P90X is that it’s always there. It’s simple, actually. It doesn’t expire, I don’t have to drive myself anywhere, I don’t have to worry about childcare or drag myself to the gym at 9 at night when my husband gets home. And I can pick it back up or add in more workouts when I’m not quite on the track that I’d like to be. The DVD’s are still sitting on my mantle, the nutritional guide is sitting on my counter and I still have to look at my sneakers in the living room everytime I walk up there to tidy up legos at the end of the day.

So how does it work?

The Nutrition Plan:

Thankfully the guide takes out all the guesswork and since I suck at making my own meal plans, this was like a godsend for me. I need to be told what to eat and how much to eat otherwise I have a habit of grazing all day. The plan comes with all the recipes you need to create the meals which for the most part include easy to find ingredients and don’t feel bad if you have to substitute certain ingredients to make it work for yourself and your family.

p90x for women giveaway: get a better body back!

If you want to follow the meal plan word for word you can, but if that’s not our thing there are awesome tips on keeping track of the calories you eat, and also some rules for using the “portion approach” when it comes to each meal. It also has “Quick Options” that include fast food options, convienence foods and quick at home recipes.

The plan itself was pretty straight forward:

Month 1: Fat Shredder {you’ll notice you’re eating less and the belly bloat goes away within a few days of starting}

Month 2: Energy Booster {more balanced carbs and proteins, versus the high protein in Phase 2}

Month 3: Endurance Maximizer {more high carb meals for recovery}

Now, onto the workouts. What makes P90X different is that it keeps your muscles “confused” so you’ll never get to that “plateau” stage that we so often hear about. You know, those last 5-10lbs that just won’t budge? That’s usually due to a plateau. I hear it often “you just have to change up your workouts”. But WHAT do I need to change up? I’m still not entirely sure, so like the meal plan, I needed someone to tell me what to do in order to workout the right way.

And oh what a workout it is…

No really, it’s not that bad. Okay sometimes it is. But it’s fun too! I swear!

The Workout:

There are 12 DVDs each about an hour long and they are extreme. These are not dainty, fluffy, lightly jump around, do a couple situps, pat yourself on the back for making the effort, wake up in the morning feeling fine type of workouts. They completely knock me off my feet everytime I do one – I won’t lie. But it’s the best, empowering, accomplished feeling that leaves me with a high everytime.

With 12 different DVDs that you rotate through, P90X keeps your attention. It combines strength and resistance training with cardio, yoga, plyometrics, and stretching in the form of Kenpo, Yoga, Plyometrics and Core. The strength training dvd’s are the hardest for me since it’s the type of exercises that I’m not used to doing. But like everything else with the program you have options. If you don’t feel comfortable using weights, resistance bands are an awesome alternative that still give you the results you’re after.

There are 3 versions of P90X: Classic, Lean, and Doubles. I started out doing Lean because I was worried about getting too muscle-y for my liking, but realized that’s a huge misconception. You won’t look like hulk at the end of it if you choose to do the classic version. Just focus on higher reps with lower weight versus lower reps with higher weight.

The Support:

Diet and support seem to be the deal breakers and makers when it comes to getting fit and/or losing weight. We need encouragement, we need reminders and we need someone to turn to if we questions. When you purchase P90X from Angela, you’ll receive free coaching and she’ll be your go-to for ANY questions about nutrition, exercise, and how to work health and fitness into your lifestyle. She’s a mom of two and knows exactly the chaos of our days and therefore has a perfect understand of what’s reasonable and doable for a busy mom. Angela works out while her children sleep just like you and I.

Once you purchase P90X directly from her, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours by phone or email to get to know you and help set up some {realistic} goals to work towards.

The Results:

The thing that keeps me going is seeing those results almost right away. Within 1-2 weeks the body start to change…that’s the motivation that I need!  I’ll be honest though, the setbacks I’ve had {moving being one of them}, have me feeling like I’m not where I should be and I’m not ready to post my complete before and after pictures just yet.  I’m going to string you along little longer for more complete before & after pictures!

Until then….you’ll have a chance to win P90X for yourself and get your booty back in shape with me!! Anyone going on holidays to somewhere warm this winter? Here’s your free ticket to a healthy, fit bod by the time you get there  😉

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