P90X: my journey so far

I gained half my body weight with baby #1. Yep, I was a big preggo mama. I’d like to think that it was due to the 9.5lbs baby I gave birth to, but it was mostly because I felt that I finally had an excuse to eat whatever I wanted and however much I wanted for 9 months straight. Thankfully I dropped the weight quickly by breastfeeding so when I was pregnant with baby #2 I was in a good position to not make the same mistake by sitting and eating bagfuls of cookies on a weekly basis like I did the first time around. I was my pre-pregnancy weight and I was determined not to gain 50lbs again.  I gained about 40lbs…not terrible, but enough that my doctor always gave me the eye when we talked about how much weight I was gaining.  It didn’t worry me – I knew breastfeeding would take care of it and it did. I was back down to pre-pregnancy size again within about 6 months.

But recently Mexico happened and I was left with 5 extra pounds of flub from too many daquiries and an unlimited buffet. I’m left in a  “skinny flabby” state. I’m not in great shape, I’m not strong and I have no muscle definition. I’d love to tighten things up, have nice, defined shoulders and arms and lose the roll I have when I sit down.  And I want to feel better than “meh, it’s good enough”. I want to feel and look like I’m in rockin’ awesome shape.

So how am I doing it? A little while back I received an email in my inbox asking me if I wanted to try P90X. I opened it, closed it, opened it again, closed it again, and finally decided why not. Maybe I could get my husband on board with my to workout everyday and we’d get fit together.

I heard the rumors about how hard and extreme it is, but the transformation videos on youtube were enough to make me want to try. If other mothers who are 10 years older than me with more children than I have are doing it and getting amazing results, why couldn’t I??

So I’m doing it!!

Here are the pictures from 1 week in. I’m feeling a little bit stronger, standing up straighter and my shoulders have changed a bit already. I was originally thinking my results might not be much to see but now I’m really eager to find out what 11 more weeks of doing P90X will do to my body! I’m ready to lose the mom belly!

P90X: my journey so far

I know, I know, iphone pics….sorry. My regular camera lens is still broke so all I have is my zoom lens. And nobody needs to see my stretch marks up close and personal  😉   See Gabby in the corner? Tiny little miss  :)

P90X: my journey so far

Food wise, it’s not really much of a diet for us. The meals are mostly what we already eat, slightly cleaner with less fat so that was easy. No drastic surprises for my husband or my boys.  I’ll share more about the specifics of the entire program in another post to come!

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