Parenthood – “All Aboard…”

I didn’t have a chance to review Parenthood right after it aired this week, but I wanted to write a post on the blog because I really liked “All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard”.

I didn’t have a chance to review Parenthood right after it aired this week, but I wanted to write a post on the blog because I really liked “All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard”.

Mayor Braverman

The great thing about Parenthood is that the show can often make me enjoy a storyline even when I’m questioning it. As soon as Jess from FNL showed up as Heather, Kristina’s new take-charge campaign manager, that storyline improved. We got to see Adam represent what the viewers think – that this campaign is bad for Kristina, and a ridiculous long shot. But we also got to see Heather counter that. She knows this is a long shot, a grassroots campaign. But she also knows that Kristina has passion, and she sees an opportunity to accomplish a lot very early in her career.

I do think the show could do a better job really showing Kristina’s passion, instead of just telling us that she is passionate. I wish she’d had a more concrete reason for running, like to battle budget cuts to the education system. And right now, how I feel about this storyline will depend on whether Kristina wins – if she does, I’ll roll my eyes. If she loses, but feels proud of herself for going for it, if Heather is able to simply brag about how close they came with so little to go on, then I’ll be OK. This cannot be the adult equivalent of Max’s run for student council.

Goin’ to the chapel…

I also really, really loved Sarah and Amber’s plot this week. Lauren Graham nailed Sarah’s fears about Amber marrying too young, and her fears about pushing her daughter away by questioning it. Sarah got advice from Hank, and from Adam, and then realized how much Amber loves Ryan. She realized that she can’t put her own past mistakes on Amber, and that the best thing for everyone is to help her daughter plan a beautiful wedding. One that doesn’t involve a skort. And hopefully one that can still take place in that beautiful Braverman backyard…

Home Improvement

I’m thankful that it seems Zeek and Camille are finally getting a truly good storyline. Remember the Viagra commercial? And the art teacher? This is much more realistic. Zeek’s getting older, and so is the house. He can’t quite handle all the upkeep it requires, but the price tag to hire someone is a little too high. It’s a common problem for people of that age, and it makes perfect sense for the Braverman grandparents. Sarah has her own place now, and while they might host the occasional family dinner, the house is for the most part empty.

I understand why Zeek would be resistant to Camille’s suggestion to buy a condo – I think that house is beautiful, and I know it’s fake – but I hope this storyline doesn’t just go away quickly.

“She’s the worst.”

I don’t have a lot to say about the Jasmine, Crosby and Jabbar stuff this week, but I’ll reiterate that I like how the show is portraying how miserable parenthood can be, especially early on. I wonder if Dax Shepard had a new baby already (with his partner, Kristen Bell) when they were filming this? I feel like he’s really nailing the exhaustion and frustration.

Green Team

I’m least into Julia’s storyline right now. It took me forever to place her new school buddy – it’s Roy from The Office, but he’s much more likable here. I liked him as Ed, and I like the idea of Julia having a pal who kind of understands how she’s feeling right now. But I can see where these stories are going for Joel and Julia, and I hate it.

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