Parenting, Playskool And How To Avoid Getting A Minivan

Sometimes this parenting thing can make you crazy.

One day, you and hubby are footloose and fancy-free DINKS*. You can nap when you want, go to the movies without having to break out a spreadsheet to plan the details. Basically, you go from worrying about where to brunch and what bar to go to downtown, to watching an alien take over your body during pregnancy, to worrying if your baby is being stimulated enough and reaching all the milestones you read in baby books.

I figure that after 12.5 years of parenting, I’ve started to settle down and can now laugh at my early years as a mother. In the early days of motherhood, I couldn’t leave the house without planning in advance about when to leave, when to feed the baby and change the baby and of course, how much stuff to cram into the car “just in case” it’s needed.

Cue the minivan! Yes, that’s right. There was no traveling light back in those days. We actually had to buy a van so that we could transport the kids, the dog and all their STUFF whenever we hit the road.

Seriously, how do such little beings need SO MUCH STUFF?

Thankfully, it’s been a few years since I had to haul around a bunch of stuff that the girls “needed.” Now they take their devices, earphones and we’re good to go.

But I do remember the days of the monster diaper bag filled with diapers, toys, snacks and more. Oh, and the sore back muscles too!

Luckily, for today’s parents, Playskool has developed a new line of toys called Play-Stow-Go, that are collapsible, portable and allow playtime to happen nearly anytime, anywhere. Best of all, they help children develop fine motor skills through sensory play

The toys are easily compacted to stow inside a stroller, diaper bag, and some even into a jacket pocket. No more monster baby bags that are more like suitcases because you are afraid to leave that one toy at home in case the baby “needs” it!

Check out the Playskool website to see all Play-Stow-Go toys and more. And maybe YOU won’t need a minivan to transport the toys.


* Dual Income No Kids, duh!

Disclaimer: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Playskool, the opinions and language are my own.

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