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Parents, do you know what “Grooming” is?

Parents, do you know what “Grooming” is?

The process known as “grooming” comprises a variety of techniques used by an offender to access and control potential and actual child victims. The process requires the offender to have access to the child, time with the child and a certain level of interpersonal skills.

The goal is to gain the child’s trust and co-operation (and is also sometimes used to gain the trust of the child’s family), decreasing the likelihood that the child will tell anyone about the abuse.

Offenders may use a combination of attention, affection, kindness, privileges, recognition, gifts, alcohol, drugs, and/or money to groom a child for the purpose of lowering inhibitions and increasing the chance of successfully offending against a child.

The purpose of grooming is:

  • To reduce the likelihood of the abuse being detected;
  • To gain prolonged access to and control of the child;
  • To manipulate the perceptions of other adults around the child;
  • To manipulate the child into becoming a cooperative participant;
  • To normalize inappropriate behaviour;
  • To reduce the likelihood of a disclosure; and
  • To coerce the child into believing that s/he instigated and is in control of the activity.

Why are Children Vulnerable to Grooming?

  • They are still developing socially and emotionally, and therefore it can be easy to confuse, control or coerce them.
  • They are taught to respect and listen to adults.
  • They do not have a developed understanding of sexuality.
  • They cannot interpret or identify an adult’s intent.


Source : RCMP / https://www.cybertip.ca/app/en/child_sexual_abuse-grooming

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