Parimatch Acquiring a New Fighting Spirit with CEO Sergey Portnov

Behind every success story stands a long way of struggles and hardships. The life and success of Sergey Portnov CEO Parimatch is a vivid example of the statement. Being a professional gambler’s son, Portnov witnessed all ins and outs of the gambling world from disastrous failures to explicit successes. His father had stood in front of the abyss of bankruptcy not once. Yet, not few were the apexes of glory. He had been engaged in all possible card games, as well as in sports and backgammon betting. This tremendous expertise was effectively passed to Portnov.

From Dreams of Championship Back to Reality

From early childhood, Portnov was an avid fan of Jean-Claud Van Damme, Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan movies. He went in for Muay Thai sports to fulfill his dreams of becoming a karate or kickboxing champion. His training was hard and he thoroughly devoted himself to becoming a pro fighter. Nevertheless, not all dreams are given to come true. And neither were Pontov’s dreams to be fulfilled. He was soon to go back home and devote himself to gambling, like his father. But would he just play and hope to win? Definitely no! Portnov was not the man to go with the flow, we would rather take over the industry. And that’s what he did!

The Inherited Risk-Taking Character

Portnov inherited the risky and bold character from his father. However, he was smart enough to approach the gambling world from the other side. Portnov senior always wished his son to become a success in gambling management or ownership, and no way in playing. Sergey approached his father’s advice with his whole seriousness. Life brought Portnov to the doors of Parimatch and made him the CEO of this world-leading betting company. The latter has been operating in the Commonwealth of the Independent States for over two decades and now acts as official wagering and betting partner across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for the UFC. Today hundreds of thousands of gamblers across the world with Eastern European countries, in particular, acquire Parimatch as their primary betting destination. They describe the service as:

  • Safe and secure;
  • Beneficial with additional features;
  • Offering competitive odds;
  • Mobile compatible.

What else could a gambler dream of?!

Parallels Between Fighting Sports and Betting

Parimatch has appointed Tyson and McGregor as the brand ambassadors to draw the similarities between betting and fighting sports. According to Portnov, the choice of these sportsmen was not random. It was a well-thought decision since these two personalities changed the face of the fight game like Bruce Lee did in his times. Parimatch strives to mimic the perseverance, diligence, and dedication that both Tyson and McGregor demonstrate in and outside the ring. This bookmaker is the bold and aggressive fighter of the modern gambling world. Sergey Portnov, CEO of Parimatch is here to do the impossible to make it the betting site that comes to your mind the first upon hearing the word “gambling”.

Portnov is still engaged in sports, with swimming and boxing in particular. This gives him the esprit and aspiration to take Parimatch beyond the CIS recognition far to Latin American and Asia. Well knowing the endeavor and passion peculiar to Pontov, it won’t take long to complete this purpose!

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