Passenger numbers for NS to Maine ferry (The Cat) released

Today, June 17, I am releasing the number of passengers who have travelled on the Nova Scotia-to-Maine ferry this season to date, which was provided to the Department late last night by Bay Ferries Limited.

The numbers are available at

In accordance with the 10-year contract entered into on March 31, 2018, between the Province of Nova Scotia and Bay Ferries Limited, Bay Ferries Limited is the manager and operator of this service. Under the terms of this existing contract, Bay Ferries is responsible for marketing the ferry, selling tickets and, ultimately, whether the service is a success or failure.

Our government feels very strongly that Bay Ferries owes it to Nova Scotians to be fully transparent about how the service is performing. We have requested that the operator provide daily updates on its website going forward, but the operator has declined. This is why we are providing these numbers directly today. If Bay Ferries will not be fully transparent, we certainly will be.

This government is bound to a contract entered into by a previous government. I want to assure Nova Scotians that I will do everything possible to make sure Bay Ferries Limited is transparent and accountable to Nova Scotians.

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