Paul McCartney July11

Well, it was a remarkable night. Great music!
We were about six rows from the front so had a WONDERFUL vantage point. I was hoarse and deaf by the time it was over:). Still haven’t found my voice. At one point Paul had all 50,0000 of us sing along to Hey Jude, goose bump time. Later we all sang again, men vs women to Let it Be. Fun. Fireworks, rock n roll, bagpipes, quiet acoustic stuff, old classics…..the show had it all.

I was mesmerised. This guy is one of the legends. So relaxed on stage, such a huge catalogue of songs. He sang 36 songs.Terrific night it was:)

At one point Paul stopped after Calico Skies, he’d flubbed a line….and said “here I am trying to remember the lyrics to a song, perform it well and I’ve got that sign distracting me” The camera managed to get a shot of a crude bristol board that said Will you sign my arm so I can get it tattooed!!!. “What do you think?” he asked the audience. We all cheered him on and much to her delighted shock, the girl was escorted to the stage, he signed her shoulder, she hugged and kissed him and all the band members and then flounced deliriously off the stage, escorted by security:) He then said”You’d better the tattoo done now!”

Looks like he’s ready too bonk me with the guitar:)

At the end of the concert, tons of red and white confetti was shot out into the crowd. Quite surreal really. We all drifted home in a happy daze.

I didn’t mention how good local boy, Joel Plaskett was…he opened the show and it must have been such a huge thrill for them to look out and see a sea of 50,000 faces! Largest crowd they’ve ever performed for I wager:)

P.S. Did you notice the tattoo on the arm of the guy in the first picture?

Photo by Kyle Knight

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