Payless & Danier haul

Ok, it’s officially under 0 this morning. The forecast said -1. Brrrhhhh!

Some of you guys mentioned you will be going to Payless today, so I thought I should get this post up early, for the extra info you might need.

First thing first, I called all 3 Payless stores I have around here, and none had the Christian Siriano line. I don’t think Canada has it yet.

Second, the discount applies to your entire order, on the last ticketed price. Make sure you checked when they ring in what you buy though, as 2 of my items showed higher price in the system. Go early, as the selection in your size might be gone fast.

Third, I found some huge price difference between Canada and US, so check first before you go 🙂 Like this Airwalk Regan Flat Boot. It was originally CAD74.99, on sale for CAD59.99. I tried it on at the store, so I certainly remember the price. The US website has it for $39.99. Hmm…

So here’re what we got from last night. The prices are before the 50% discount.

These are for Squirt, as I didn’t find anything in my size that I really liked.

– Airwalk Pine Boots in black, CAD39.99 on sale for CAD32.99.
The boots were selling pretty fast, and again not all sizes were there. I had to get them 1 size larger.

– Smart Fit flower sandals, CAD17.99 sold for CAD7.
I know they aren’t really in season over here, but would be just right at home in December 🙂

I got a few accessories for myself.
– Sunglasses, medium size with some studded “jewels” on the sides, CAD12.99 selling CAD6
– Crinkle scarf in grey and black, discounted from CAD16.99 to CAD9.99
– Grey tights CAD7.99, and
– Dark brown wallet, CAD16.99 selling for CAD9.99.

They had some nice handbags too but none came home with me 🙂

Saw some ballet stuff (tights, shoes, etc.) there too. I’d never think to find it in Payless.

At Danier, I only got 1 thing. Darn, real leather isn’t cheap.

Found this really cute croco embossed leather clutch on sale for CAD99.99 (org. CAD169.99), before the 25% discount. The pattern is very cute, enlarge the picture to see it. It came with a long shoulder strap as well, but I’d probably just wear it without the strap, cuter that way.

When I came home, I went on the website just to see what other colours this bag had. Was very surprised too see it was only CAD69.99 on there. Danier doesn’t have online shopping, the website was for info only, so I’ll have to call them to clarify this.

Do come back and tell me what you get at Payless, I’d love to hear about it. Don’t forget to print the coupon.

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