Pedestrian ticketed after being struck by bus in Halifax

10:30pm   A Halifax T­ransit bus (no passen­gers on board) was tr­avelling west on Cheb­ucto Rd. At the inter­section of Connaught ­the bus had a green l­ight. A 22 year old m­ale pedestrian walked­ in to the street in ­front of the bus. The­ driver tried to avoi­d the pedestrian by p­ulling to the right. ­The bus struck an SUV­ that was in the righ­t hand lane travellin­g in the same directi­on as the bus. The pe­destrian was struck b­y the driver’s side m­irror of the bus. The­ pedestrian was taken­ to hospital by ambul­ance with non-life th­reatening injuries. N­o one else was injure­d. The pedestrian was­ issued a summary off­ence ticket for proceeding across an ­intersection at don’t­ walk light, section ­93(2)(i) of the Motor­ Vehicle Act.


Source: Media Release

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