Perception is reality

Perception is reality It may surprise you but crime is down. In fact, in the last five years, violent crime in HRM is down 56% and property crime is down 33%. So why then, when you ask people about their perception of safety do they blame the increase in crime for not feeling safe?

I’m sure one of the main reasons is the greater than usual number of shootings in 2011. It’s this type of ‘shock crime’ that creates a feeling of not being safe in our community. These types of crimes should shock people, they are horrific and police take them very seriously.

A huge percentage of these crimes happen between people who are known to each other and victims and witnesses often choose not to talk to police, which can lead to more violence. This is a cycle we as a community need to break. We are working on some ideas but I would love to hear yours.

To read more visit Superintendent Don Spicer’s blog  (HRM Public Safety Officer):


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