I have two fur babies that mean the world to me.

Baby & Momma.
For those of you who don’t know the story, here’s a quick recap.  September 2008 -Very cute cat shows up on doorstep. It cries for a week. I take pity and let it in. Hubby mentions it looks kinda big.  Go to vet. Yes, cat is definitely preggers and due very soon.  Cat couldn’t deliver kittens. Enter the $1,000.00 C section. Two kittens survive, one passes away a few weeks later. Boo. But we are now proud parents of 2 cute kitty kats.  My Mom is allergic though.  How exactly did this happen? 😉 

For the past week Baby has been coughing like she had a hairball but nothing was coming up.  She had been doing it periodically through out the day and even woke us up a few times during the night.  I started to get worried so I made an appointment with the vet.  The appointment went fine, she is apparently very healthy expect probably allergic to stuff like our glade plugins and the heavily scented cat litter we buy.  I also recently changed her food so we’re going back to the old stuff.  Eitherway, most likely allergies. :)  She also had her needles while we were there too.  I was so impressed with how well behaved she was; and am very glad there’s nothing wrong.

Aww, look how tiny she was.

Hehe.  No foods pics tonight bloggies. I’m totally wiped and am SO glad that I took a vacation day tomorrow. Got lots of errands do to and a bit of organizing around the house.  No doubt I’ll hanging around on Twitter too. 😉

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