Photos: Post-Tropical Storm Lee Damage in Lunenburg County

Via NS Government release:

Lunenburg County experienced the devastating aftermath of Post-Tropical Storm Lee over the weekend. The Green Bay Road bridge, a crucial artery of the county, was severely compromised, its structure showing the scars of the storm’s wrath. Nearby, the once-sturdy Green Bay Road was washed out, with massive rocks and debris littering its path. Public Works employee, Kyle Walsh, was seen working tirelessly, operating an excavator to clear the remnants and bring things back to normal. Rissers Beach Provincial Park, a beloved natural sanctuary, was also not spared. Towering trees lay uprooted, and once-stationary barbeque pits were displaced, painting a scene of chaos. A popular walkway within the park, frequented by many, was left fractured and disjointed. The damage shows how unexpected and powerful nature can be.

HRM update on the impacts of post-tropical storm Lee – September 17, 5:45 p.m.

Halifax Water PSA – Water Service Advisory – Spruce Drive, Silver Court & Cow Bay Road – Water Main Repair