Pictou District RCMP want to thank person for reporting suspected impaired driver

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Pictou District RCMP want to thank this person

 Following a complaint from a concerned caller, Pictou District RCMP arrested a​ 44-year-old​ man from Colchester County for impaired driving.​ Police want to thank this person for making the call and helping to make our roads safer.

At approximately 7:40 p.m. on​ July 30, Pictou District RCMP responded to a complaint of a dangerous driver on Hwy.​ 6 in the community of​ Three Brooks. Witnesses told police​ the suspect vehicle​ was travelling at a high rate of speed, passing on solid lines, and forcing other vehicles off the road. Police were able to locate the suspect vehicle​ on Hwy.​ 6 near the community of Haliburton.​ The​ driver of the vehicle was arrested for Impaired Operation of a Conveyance,​ Operation of a Conveyance with a Blood Alcohol Concentration​ Over 80 mg%,​ and Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle. The driver was transported to Pictou Detachment where he provided breath samples​ that were twice the legal limit.​ He​ will be appearing in​ Pictou Provincial Court at a later date.

Police encourage citizens to report suspected impaired drivers as soon as they can safely do so by calling​ 1-800-803-RCMP anywhere in Nova Scotia, or​ 911​ for emergencies. Be prepared to provide a description of the vehicle and driver, the license plate number, and the direction of travel.

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Report impaired drivers to protect your community