picture frame makeover

Ever find yourself getting ready to go out the door, finally decide on that last minute accessory only to realize you can’t find it? Or that it’s in a big tangle with your other accessories? Or you can only find one of the earrings you’ve just got to wear??

Happens to me all the time. Actually, it USED to happen to me all the time. But not anymore, thanks to this little easy project.

I bought an antique picture frame with no glass or backing that I liked because of its unique round shape (I did not like the fake gold gilding), and turned it into a great jewelry hanger/sorter/organizer. It was so easy…and I really like the added drama it gives to the space above the upcycled armoire in my walk-in closet.

Here are the steps to this makeover project:

1. thorough clean with a damp cloth, wipe dry
2. place on a large drop cloth, in a well ventilated area (outside is best)
3. spray paint one coat of high black gloss paint (let dry for 24 hours)
4. roll out screen (available at any home improvement store) and place frame on it
5. measure, mark and cut screen to match the shape of the inside of the screen (be sure to leave ½ inch extra on all sides
6. Use hot glue gun to affix screen to indie, back lip of the frame (let dry 2-3 hours)
7. Trim off access screen for a nice, clean finish on the back
8. Hang on wall, just like a regular picture frame
9. Poke earrings through the screen to hang together for safe keeping
10. Use ornament hooks to hold bracelets, necklaces and other accessories

Here is the budget breakdown of this project:
* antique picture frame (Antiques Plus) –$30
* paint – left over from past painting projects – $0
* screen – lots left over! (Canadian Tire) – $7
* ornament hooks (The Dollar Store) – $1

Be creative…you could do this with any type of frame, with any type of finish. Hang it in the bathroom, your bedroom, or in your closet. Even on the back of a door. Wherever works best for you!

Take this project and make it unique to you.

xx rouge.

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