Planning a Frugal March Break

It’s that time of year again and while some parents use March Break as the chance to get away there are many more of us who want to do the break in a frugal way. We want to keep those cents in our wallets.

My  tween and I have planned a fun packed March Break here in Halifax on a budget. Our budget=$25

What are we planning?

Monday- Tween won a $25 gift certificate to Build a Bear so we will be heading to Mic Mac Mall. I am sure she will spend an hour deciding what new thing she wants for her bear. Do you take advantage of online contests? This gift card came from a contest on Twitter. Total Cost to Mom= $0

Tuesday- We are heading to the library..Have you checked out your local library lately? After the library we will head to Tims for a hot chocolate and a chance to Roll Up the Rim. Total Cost- $4

Wednesday- The Empire Movie Theater is once again hosting $2 matinee’s. We are going to the movies. ( Snacks will be in Mom’s purse). Cost $5

Thursday- Grandma is coming to visit so we are planning a board game day.

Friday- We are going out for lunch with grandma. (Budget -$16) Do you have time with extended family in your plan?

What are some other things we could of done?

  • spa day( at home manis and pedis)
  • cooking day(let the kids take a crack at cooking)
  • Baking Day( do you have a family favorite cookie?)
  • Cleaning Day( have you heard of spring cleaning?)
  • Service Day( have you thought of helping out a senior in your neighborhood)
  • a hike looking for signs of Spring

All these are a few ways that you can plan a frugal March break. What have you planned? Or have you tackled planning yet?

I am now off to read what every one is tackling this week on 5 Minutes for Mom.

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