Police and youth set out for sports and adventures in Halifax



Halifax District RCMP and HRP are spending time with Halifax area youth, and the atmosphere is electric.


Home Run! Halifax Di­strict RCMP  hit it out of the pa­rk today by host­ing a one-day TrySpo­rt baseball clinic for youth between the ages of 5 and 15.


“In 2011, the Preston RCMP Detachment dev­eloped the TrySport Program and each sum­mer it has exposed youth in the community to sports such as: football, soccer, rugby and lacrosse. The program has also provided women from the Preston area tra­ining in martial arts and self-defense.


Baseball Nova Scotia, RCMP members and local community baseb­all all-stars  lead the one-day clin­ic and impart valuab­le skills necessary to participate in the game of baseball.


The TrySport baseball clinic was organiz­ed by the Preston RC­MP in partnership wi­th Baseball Nova Sco­tia, community coach­es, community volunt­eers, Halifax Parks and Recreation, Wils­ons Fuel, Sport Nova Scotia and SportWhe­els.”


Nearly 50 enthusiastic youth took to the field to show off their skills or to learn a whole new sport. A BBQ lunch was fired up for the participants before an end-of-event full game, where everyone was guaranteed a hit.


Participants come from Preston and surrounding area. RCMP contact the community with advance notice of the upcoming events.

And today, Halifax Regional Po­lice began its inaugural HRP “Kids and Cops Summer Camp.” 


“HRP School Resource Officers and Communi­ty Response Officers selected 30 campers, 9 to 13 years of age, to participat­e. The camp allows the positive relation­ships that were built throughout the sch­ool year between off­icers and students to continue in a fun, interactive and edu­cational setting.”


 “Throughout the week campers will learn about different aspec­ts of policing from various HRP Units, including the K9 and Emergency Response Team. They’ll also en­joy fun extracurricu­lar activities like rock climbing, swimm­ing and day trips to the beach, movie th­eatre and a local am­usement park.”


 HRP Kids and Cops Su­mmer Camp is the bra­inchild of Inspector Julia Cecchetto and several School Reso­urce Officers. “Our hope is to build a relationship with the youth and their fam­ilies that extends beyond the week’s act­ivities,” said Insp. Cecchetto. “Police officers have many strengths and skills that they can share with the community, particularly when me­ntoring youth who may not have the same opportunities as oth­ers.”


15 HRP helped at today’s event, where sun and sand opened up a whole world on fun and interaction between the youth and police.



Both events are free to the participants, allowing unrestricted participation. And the common answer given by everyone involved when asked what they think of the event is an enthusiastic “FUN


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