Police charge man for indecent acts and thefts

Police have charged a man in relation to a number of indecent acts and thefts that have occurred in Halifax over the last month.

On March 4 at approximately 11:15 a.m. a woman reported an indecent act that had occurred at the Halifax Infirmary located at 1799 Robie Street in Halifax. Police attended but were unable to locate the suspect at the time.

On March 23 at approximately 12:40 a.m. police received a report of an unwanted person at the Centennial Building located at 1278 South Park Street in Halifax. Officers arrested a 49-year-old Halifax man for public intoxication. The man was charged with theft and released on conditions to remain away from the QEII Health Sciences Center unless for medical attention.

Additional information was provided to police on March 28 that this man had also committed an indecent act on March 23 while he was at the Bethune Building located at 1276 South Park Street.

On March 31 at approximately 1 a.m. police responded to a report that the man was again on hospital property at 1796 Summer Street. Forty-nine-year-old Shannon David McInnis was arrested with out incident and is scheduled to appear in Halifax Provincial Court today to face the following charges in relation to incidents on hospital property:

  • Indecent Act 173(1) CC x2
  • Theft under $5000 334(b)CC
  • Possession of stolen property under $5000 355(b)CC
  • Committing an offence with his face masked, coloured, or disguised S. 351(2) CC
  • Breach of Undertaking S. 145(5.1) CC
  • Breach of Recognizance 145(3) CC x4

McInnis is also facing charges in relation to two unrelated incidents:

  • Indecent Act 173(1) CC and Breach of undertaking 145(3) CC in relation to an incident that occurred on March 29 at Sock It To Ya located at 5431 Doyle Street in Halifax

  • Theft Under $5000 334(b)CC, Possession Under $5000 355(b)CC, and Breach of undertaking 145(3) CC x2 in relation to an incident that occurred on March 25 at the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation located at 1940 Barrington Street in Halifax.


Source : Media Release

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