Police charge three in Theft From Motor Vehicles in Sackville, Nova Scotia


July 12, 2011, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)  . . .  Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP) arrested three males following several incidents of Theft From Motor Vehicle in Sackville, Nova Scotia.
On July 11, 2011, 4:50 AM, RCMP officers observed several vehicles on Millwood Drive with the doors open or dome lights on. Further investigation by the officers revealed that several vehicles had been entered and items stolen from cars in the Millwood Subdivision in Sackville. 
Police continued with the investigation and identified three suspects. The three males were located last night around 8:00 PM. Some of the stolen property was recovered including, GPS', cell phones, and other items you would find in vehicles.
A 20-year-old man and two youths, ages 16 and 13, will be appearing in court at a later date. The three people charged are all from Sackville, Nova Scotia. They will face charges under the Criminal Code, including Theft and Possession of Stolen Property.
If you were a victim in relation to the above address, please contact the Sackville RCMP detachment.
"Theft from Motor Vehicle continues to be a crime of opportunity. Lately, police have been successful in apprehending several people responsible for these crimes. However, criminals are opportunistic and will look for anything that can be sold, used, or be of value to them" states Cpl. MacRae, Halfax District Media Relations Officer. 
In another investigation, a suspect revealed to police that hundreds of cars can be checked in a night. The youth stated "We only check unlocked cars." Therefore, the public can help prevent this crime of opportunity by removing any valuables and locking the doors.

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