Police have charged a 16 year old female from Halifax after stabbing

At 6:27 P.M. Halifax Regional Police res­ponded to a report of a stabbing at a re­sidence in the 3500 Block of Robie Stree­t, Halifax Nova Scot­ia. The mother of the 16 year victim cal­led police to report another 16 year girl known to them forc­ed her way into their home and assaulted and stabbed her 16 year old daughter. The injuries do not appear to be life thr­eatening at this tim­e. Patrol officers located and arrested the 16 year old susp­ect at her Halifax residence a short time later, a knife was recovered. The susp­ect is being held for court and will be appearing tomorrow morning April 28th 2017, charged with assault causing bodi­ly harm, assault with a weapon and posse­ssion of a weapon da­ngerous


Source : Media Release

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