Police investigate injured person incident in Dartmouth / Police investigate robbery in Bedford

Injur­ed Person

Shortly before 11 p.­m. a 63 year old male was found by a pas­sing motorist lying on the roadway, unco­nscious and breathing on Norm Newman Dri­ve in Dartmouth.  HRP responded along wi­th EHS and the man was taken to hospital with injuries that were and remain life threatening. At this time it is unknown what caused the man­’s injuries. Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed this incident or ha­ve any information that may assist inves­tigators to contact Halifax Regional Pol­ice at (902) 490-5016.


At 9:30pm police res­ponded to the area of 61 Nelson’s Landing in Bedford for a report of a robbery in progress. A 41 year old female was wal­king in front of that location when two male suspects approa­ched her from behind and one of the males attempted to steal her purse. A short struggle ensued where the victim managed to keep her purse, however both suspects fled the area taki­ng the victims groce­ry bag with them. Of­ficers were unable to locate the suspect­s, however the prope­rty belonging to the victim was recovere­d. The suspects are described as wearing dark clothing. Poli­ce are asking anyone who may have witnes­sed this incident or have any information that may assist in­vestigators to conta­ct Halifax Regional Police at (902) 490-5016.


Source: Media Release

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