Police investigating weekend rave

Officers assigned to the HRP Liquor Enforcement Unit (LEU) are investigating a rave which took place Saturday night.

The Unit, assisted by Community Response Officers and Patrol Officers, tracked the rave one to two kilometers through the woods to an abandoned bunker at York Redoubt.

Officers encountered several disoriented young people, not dressed for the weather, in the woods. Police estimate 120 young people were in attendance and also discovered the lock on the gate to the bunker had been cut off.

Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services was called in regards to an unresponsive female who had to be removed from the area by sled and taken to hospital.

Officers shut down the event and the investigation is continuing. At this time no determination on charges has been made.

These events are concerning to police but more so in this case because of the remote location and the cold temperatures.

Access to the location was difficult, there was no apparent first aid available and it appeared that the majority of people in attendance were planning to remain there until the buses started running the next morning.

This serves as a reminder to parents to know where their kids are, who they are with and what they are doing.

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