Police pursuit on Windmill, Park West motel robbed

A low-speed pursuit and a robbery yesterday are being dealt with by HRPD.

From HRPD:
Pursuit Windmill Rd / Jamieson St.  

EQR units attempted to stop a vehicle which refused to stop and then did stop. The pursuit was low speeds. A search of the vehicle produced drugs and bear spray. One adult male charged with 5(1) CDSA and one adult female charged with possession of a weapon.

Robbery 133 Kearney Lake Rd.

Holiday Inn At 00:52 AM three males entered the business, one armed with a gun and one with a knife. The suspects demanded money and received some. The suspects then left the building on foot. The suspects are described as : whit males, 6′ tall wearing camoflage jackets and masks. No one was injured in the incident.

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