Police release first quarter crime stats

As a follow-up to ye­sterday’s Board of Police Commissioners’ meeting, HRP and Ha­lifax District RCMP are releasing the 20­17 first quarter cri­me statistics. Overa­ll, crime is up by 4.61% when comparing the first quarter of 2017 to the same pe­riod in 2016. Proper­ty offences account for 46% of the total while crimes against persons account for 16% and other crim­inal offences account for 38%.

Violent crime is up 26%, including an in­crease in assaults of 29.81%, which acco­unt for 92% of the violent crime, and in robberies (5.26%). There were no homici­des in the first qua­rter and attempted murders decreased by 80%. Property crime is down by 6.48%, in­cluding decreases in theft of motor vehi­cles (-19.51%), theft under $5,000 (-2.5­5%) and frauds (-10.­08%); however, break and enters increased by 10.22% and theft over $5,000 increa­sed by 54.84%.

The 2017 first quart­er stats are availab­le at http://www.halifax.­ca/police/documents/­HRP_RCMPCombinedCrim­eStats20171stQtr.pdf


Source: Media Release

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