Police Release Joint Statement Regarding Rash of Violence – Halifax

Joint statement in relation to recent violence

With the recent spate of violence in our community, HRP and RCMP want to reach out to citizens to provide as much information as possible. Police are as concerned as our citizens about these senseless acts and our investigators are working around the clock to identify and hold accountable those responsible.

We’ve had six homicides to date in 2016, all of which were not random. Charges have been laid in three of these cases. The three files that remain open – Joseph Cameron, Tyler Richards and the incident from last night – have occurred in the last month and involve victims who had been shot.

We’ve been asked if these three most recent homicides are connected. We’re in the early stages of last night’s incident and are exploring the possibility that it is connected to the Tyler Richards homicide. While we continue to investigate the Joseph Cameron homicide, there is no information at this point to link it to the last two homicides.

Our officers are acting on information coming in and are doing everything they can to prevent more violence in our community. We’re also reaching out to citizens and community groups who may have influence, with the hopes of diffusing recent hostilities.

We’re certain there are people out there who know who is responsible for these incidents and we implore them to come forward to police. We also urge anyone with information on any potential retaliation to come forward. Investigators ask anyone with footage from last night’s incident, or who witnessed the shooting, to contact police or Crime Stoppers. Police are doing everything possible to disrupt additional violence, but we need community support. We all have a role to play to stop the violence in our community.

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