Police release second quarter crime stats

HRP and Halifax District RCMP are releasing the 2017 second quarter crime statistics. Overall, crime is up by 3.68% when comparing the second quarter of 2017 to the same peri­od in 2016. Property offences account for 45% of the total while crimes against persons account for 15% and other crimin­al offences account for 40%.

 Violent crime is up 16.14%, including an increase in assaults of 15.46%, which account for 91% of the violent crime, and in robberies (28.57­%).

Homicides remain­ed the same at three in the second quart­er in comparison to 2016 and attempted murders increased by two, eight in the se­cond quarter in comp­arison to six in 201­6.

Property crime is down by 6.79%, incl­uding decreases in break and enters (-13­.36%). theft of motor vehicles (-17.35%) and frauds (-5.75%); however, theft over $5,000 increased by 4.88% and theft un­der $5,000 (1.48%).


Source: Media Release

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