Police remind parents to teach kids about strangers

On May 15 police responded to a 911 call on Herbert Street in Dartmouth. There they meet with a parent and four children between the ages of 8 to 10.

The children explained they were approached by a male driving a dark coloured car. Due to the age of the children they gave different descriptions of the adult male.

The man exited his vehicle and asked them to help look for his dog. He then asked them to get into his car to help but upon hearing this the kids fled to one of their homes. The children were not harmed.

The children did the right thing in this situation and ran to an adult they could trust. Police have not been able to talk to this male to determine what his intentions were.

If your child is approached by a stranger that asks them to get into a car, advise them to go to a home of someone they know or to an area that has a lot of people. Have them tell an adult they can trust about what happened, like a parent, a teacher, a police officer or some other grownup that you told them they can talk to.

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