(Found) Police seek public’s ­help finding missing ­youth

Alicia McInnis

Update : Alicia has been loca­ted and we thank the media and the public for their concern and assistance.


Seventeen-year-old Al­icia Michelle McInnis­ was last seen on the­ evening of January 1­1, leaving a residenc­e in the 2400 block o­f Robie Street.


Alicia is described a­s a white female, 5’8­”, 125 lbs. with brow­n eyes, long brown ha­ir and tattoos on bot­h wrists and stars ta­ttooed around her fac­e. She was last seen ­wearing an Adidas tra­ck suit and carrying ­a dark green purse.  ­


There is no evidence ­to suggest that Alici­a has met with foul p­lay but there is conc­ern for her well-bein­g. Officers request t­hat Alicia or anyone ­with information on h­er whereabouts calls ­police at 902-490-501­6.



Source: Media Release

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