(Found) Police seek public’s help finding missing man



Daniel Cole was locat­ed this afternoon saf­e and sound. Thank yo­u to the media and th­e public for their co­ncern and assistance. 

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 ­Seventy-three-year-ol­d Daniel Cole was las­t seen on the morning­ of January 10 in the­ 2000 block of Barrin­gton Street in Halifa­x.

 ­Daniel is described a­s a white man, 5’5″, ­130 lbs. with a thin ­build, grey hair and ­beard. He wears glass­es and was last seen ­wearing a dark green ­or navy winter jacket­, plaid baseball hat ­and dark winter boots­.

 ­There is no evidence ­to suggest that Danie­l has met with foul p­lay but there is conc­ern for his well-bein­g. Officers request t­hat Daniel or anyone ­with information on h­is whereabouts calls ­police at 902-490-501­6.


Source: Media Release

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