Police seize drugs and charge men with trafficking, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), N.S.

The HRP/RCMP Integrated Drug Unit have charged two men with drug and weapons offences in Sackville.

Last night, a search warrant was executed at a business on Sackville Drive.

A search of the business revealed a quantity of marijuana, cocaine, a 12-gauge shotgun and other drug related property. John Cameron, 24-years-old, was taken into police custody. At the same time, a search warrant was executed at a residence on Dickey Drive in Sackville. Police arrested Kenneth Williams, 34-years-old, and also seized a quantity of cash, a loaded handgun and marijuana.


11,452 grams of marijuana (25.5 pounds of marijuana)

81 grams cocaine

12 gauge sawed-off shotgun

380 cal pistol fully loaded (handgun)

$600.00 cash

Both men are facing Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking of Marijuana and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking of Cocaine charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The two men also face weapons charges under the Criminal Code. They remain in police custody and will be appearing in Dartmouth Provincial court today.

Source: Release

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