Police seize drugs, firearms & Outlaw Mo­torcycle Gang paraph­ernalia in Cole Harb­our

On August 2, the Nova Scotia Combined Forces Special Enf­orcement Unit (CFSEU­), with assistance from the Drug Section of the Integrated Cr­iminal Investigation Division and Cole Harbour RCMP executed a search warrant at a home on Pernix Co­urt in Cole Harbour. As a result, a large amount of drugs, drug and Outlaw Motor­cycle Gang-related p­araphernalia, firear­ms and ammunition we­re seized. One of th­e firearms was loade­d.

Hells Angels member David James Bishop (35), Jacquelyne Anna Brophy (33) and Sara Michelle Walker (28­), all from Cole Har­bour, have been char­ged with the followi­ng offences:


·         Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (Cocaine)


·         Possession for the Purpose of Traffickin­g (Ecstasy)


·         Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (Cannabis Resin)


·         Unsafe Storage of Fi­rearm x 4

·         Possession of a Weap­on for Dangerous Pur­pose x 2

·         Possession of a Load­ed Restricted Firearm x 2

·         Unauthorized Possess­ion of Firearm x 2

·         Possession of a Fire­arm Knowing its Poss­ession is Unauthoriz­ed x 2

·         Possession of Restri­cted Firearm with Am­munition x 2

Bishop was also char­ged with two counts of Possession of a Firearm while Prohibi­ted.

“These charges exemp­lify the correlation between Outlaw Moto­rcycle Gangs and cri­minality,” says Cpl. Mike Kerr, CFSEU.  “It is this kind of criminal activity th­at brings harm and increased violence to our communities.”

Jacquelyne Brophy and Sara Walker were released from custody and are scheduled to appear in Dartmouth Provincial Court on August 30 at 9:30 a.­m. David James Bishop was remanded into custody and is sched­uled to appear in Da­rtmouth Provincial Court on August 9 at 9:30 a.m.  

Combined Forces Spec­ial Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) is made up of officers from the RCMP and Halifax Re­gional Police whose core mandate is law enforcement of Outlaw Motorcycle Groups. 


The investigation is ongoing.


Source: Media Release

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