“Policies are tools and people need to have a say!” New video

The Our Food Project strengthens communities’ relationships to food by building ‘Positive Food Environments’. This includes creating a policy environment conducive to food security. Check out this short 4 min video to learn more!

Here are some highlights from the video

Aimee Carson, Our Food Project & Halifax Food Policy Alliance:

The idea behind the Halifax Food Policy Alliance is that in order to build momentum around a healthy, just, sustainable food system for the Halifax Region we need to be working hand in hand with our institutions, with government, with many different stakeholders to be able to create that supportive environment for all of these programs to happen.”

Deborah Dickie, Dartmouth North Community Food Centre:

“If you want to have meaningful policy change and have policies that really work for people in communities, those people in communities need to be involved… Folks feel that they have no ability to effect policy, but they are the ones that have lived experience with food insecurity and its really important to hear those voices and perspectives.”

Erica Fraser, North End Community Circle:

Policies are tools and people need to have a say in terms of what those policies are going to do. They’re only going to be effective tools if they’re representative of the people that they’re meant to be working for.”

“I eat food, and we all eat food. That is one language that cuts across all cultural, socio-economic barriers… If we’re doing food right, a lot of other things are going to come into place. We’re going to be building community, healing the land, healing our bodies, reducing costs on health care, and cleaning the air. All kinds of things fall into place when food is being done right.”

Jen Organ, Our Food Project:

Since we began our work with the Our Food Project there’s more momentum building. There’s a lot of excitement and energy around food initiatives overall. A lot more people are involved in the food movement now in Nova Scotia, which is really exciting.”


Blog Written By: Miranda Cobb, Ecology Action Centre, Research and Evaluation Coordinator

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