Facebook poll results: Your nicknames for HRM businesses

This one was fun

We asked our followers on Facebook their favorite nicknames for businesses in HRM, and wow you had some doozies. Here’s the totals as of May 14, 2024 at noon.

Top 20 Comments by Reactions
Biz Name Reactions Comment
Frenchy’s Holly Ward 42 “I got it from Francois” has always been a way to say Frenchy’s
Superstore Emile Lapointe 40 When my nephew was around three he’d mispronounce superstore as “pooperstore”
KFC Derrick Bona 40 Unpleasant pheasant-KFC
Walmart Chris Horne 35 We call the smaller Walmart in cole harbour the “mowalmart”
KFC April MH 29 Our kids call KFC kids fattening centre lol
Superstore Midnight Blaze Paul 28 Stupid store for super store, now more appropriately
KFC Emile Lapointe 27 KFC was always Dirty Bird
KFC Susan Munro Paterson 27 Kentucky yucky – KFC
Superstore Kristin Arsenault 26 Stupidstore – superstore 😂 had this one for years
Frenchy’s Andrea Conrod 26 Gag and Spew, Garden View Main St Dartmouth (better known as Frenchy’s)
Tim Hortons Diana McLean 25 Timportance (pronounced like importance, but stands for Tim Hortons)
Value Village Larissa Chipman 25 Valu vallage = value village (makes it sound fancier)
GardenView Restaurant Jess Canning 23 Gag’n spew was what we always called GardenView
Superstore RonandCarrie FirebirdFamily 22 Stupid store = superstore
Giant Tiger Amy Marie 17 GT Boutique = Giant Tiger
First Choice Haircutters Wendy Rashid 17 Last Choice Haircutters
Salvation Army Beth Dudka 16 Sally Ann. Salvation Army
Giant Tiger Shellynn Yhard 15 Grande Tigre = Giant tiger (said in an awful French accent)
Giant Tiger Sharon Eastwood 13 The big kitty- Giant Tiger
KFC Dave MacIntyre 12 The Dirty Bird – KFC

Top 20 Comments by Business
Biz %, # of comments Example Comment
KFC 21.77%, 167 Dirty bird kfc
Superstore 13.17%, 101 Stupid store = superstore
Giant Tiger 6.52%, 50 Sh*tty kitty = giant tiger idk why lol
McDonald’s 4.95%, 38 McThrow Ups – McDonalds
Sobeys 1.43%, 11 Coining it now. Sobeys costs extra
Walmart 1.30%, 10 Wallyworld – Walmart
Dollarama 1.30%, 10 Dollarama in it a bit of a mecca
Loblaws 1.17%, 9 Roblaws
Frenchy’s 1.04%, 8 François aka Frenchys
Burger King 1.04%, 8 Bk lounge (Burger King)
No Frills 0.65%, 5 No Thrills = No Frills
Costco 0.52%, 4 Costco = cost mo 🤑
Tim Hortons 0.39%, 3 Tim Hortons – Timmies
Taco Bell 0.26%, 2 Toxic Hell = Taco Bell
Metro 0.13%, 1 “Metro Center”
Pizza Hut 0.13%, 1 Izza hu for pizza hut
Other 44.20%, 339 Dollar drama

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