Pop video countdown to Christmas and Peacoats

L-A: I decided I’d countdown to the holidays with some of my favourite videos. Today I’m offering Christmas in Hollis, which is always popular in my house:

Good times. With an excellent use of a Simon Says as a prop. Also, I love DMC’s peacoat. I hover between duffel and pea as my favourite coats, but in the end, the peacoat wins. Ahoy maties!


Actually, it has nothing to do with my love of all things nautical. I just like peacoats. I got a fuchsia Tulle peacoat last winter at Biscuit and I think I wore on cold days with only willpower to look cute keeping me warm.

Globe Style did an article on the peacoat back in October and someone named BettyL wrote the following comment:

it is a terrible coat to wear. your neck will freeze. there is no known way to wear a scarf with those stupid coats!

To BettyL I say: You’re on crack. For reals. Of course there is a way to wear scarves with peacoats. Let’s take a look at how the internet wears scarves with peacoats:


That’s from Cloak’s Fall 2006 show…but I don’t care if the look is three years old. I like it. Next up is some preppy preppypants, Ralph Lauren:


Again, showing BettyL that it is quite possible to wear a scarf with your peacoat and not having your neck freeze. Wrap and tuck the scarf before buttoning up your coat and you’re good to go. You can also try wearing a turtleneck, but I’m going to save that for another day as I’m iffy on dudes in turtlenecks. It’s a fine line between looking sharp and looking like a tool when you sport a turtleneck.

Also works for the ladies. I do like this giant scarf with a peacoat:


Her neck looks warm. In fact, I want that scarf to wear at work next to the drafty window.

Thanks DMC for that style tip!

AllyG: OH! A pop video post and I didn’t even start it! Is this my Xmas gift, L-A? Lemme show you my fave Christmas video. It’s a scene from the best holiday movie ever, Love Actually. It’s a tradition in our house to watch this video the week before Christmas. We watched it with BabyG last evening. BabyG only stayed awake for part of it, but he loved what he saw.

I love the peacoat on men. It’s tres dashing.


This is a Theory ‘Sigmund’ Wool Cashmere Blend Peacoat. Hot, non? It appears to be “last season”, judging by where I obtained the photo, but it still works for me.

I think this colour peacoat would look sexytime on L-A…


You guessed it, Marc by Marc Jacobs (I always think L-A when I think Marc Jacobs). Love her hair as well. Reminds me of Sam from ANTM.


Could I work that hairstyle? Yes, I realize I just made this post all about me. Oh! Something not about me…mind if I promote my bud’s blog? You know Martin, right? He’s our fave male reader (besides L-A’s hubby, my hubby doesn’t even bother anymore). His blog rocks. You can check it out here. There. That’s my Christmas present to you all. You owe me.

(L-A: Don’t give that much credit to the husband. He’s only reading/commenting because he’s on break from school. Martin is totes favourite male reader).

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