Porland Valley: Baker Dr Mt. Hope

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Last installment of Portland Valley

Baker Dr.

On the corner of Portland and what was to become Baker Dr was once Bonanza Bingo Hall and Forbes Chev Olds, the Bingo was long gone replaced by McDonalds and a strip mall that once housed The Keg, by Dartmouth didn’t support the Keg and they closed at first lease expiriry it then for Years was Boomerangs Steakhouse. Forbes recently closed up when GM discontinued pontiac and merged in with MacPhee now MacPhee is moving Chebucto Ford here and renaming it MacPhee Ford and adding to the Auto Mall this area has become.

Further up Baker there once was a Home Depot which once it moved to Dartmouth Crossing most of O’Regans Dartmouth dealership that used to me under the New Bridge into one concentrated area. Across from an Already moved and now oddly named Portland Stent Honda

Porland Valley: Baker Dr Mt. Hope

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Area 1: McDonalds is teh free standing Anchor but Doolys, The Muster Station TD Canda Trust and M&M meat shops. In addtion Skates Unlimited sharpening and repair, Herbal Magic, Belus Hope Travel, Blossoms flowers, nail shop, hearing clinic and hair cuts.

Area 2: A seasonal Farmer Clems Garden Centre and a Petro Canada  gas station take up this spot

Area 3: a small professional centre with a Medicine Shoppe, hearing clinic, dizziness clinic and a Snore Store

Area 4: the Auto Mall , Portland Street Honda is on one side of the Parking lot and on the other is a series of O’regan dealerships Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and Green Light Used cars


 Mount Hope

The new kid on the block, I debated whether this was Woodside or Portland Valley but decided to include it here. This is just a recent development this century before that the residents of Dartmouth simply just referred to it as “The Pig Farm” or  “that creepy farm across from the Gaston Rd. trailer park, you know the one”. As Home Depot pulled out more development happened and a series of apartment buildings and the a new retail area. Even though the area is fresh it already had one high level causality when It’s All Greek to Me ran into trouble but luckily long term Dartmouth staple Roccos is opening a second location.

I would love it some one open a restaurant called the Pig Farm therebut I disgress

Porland Valley: Baker Dr Mt. Hope

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Area 1: a 2 floor maxi mini mall with most of the usual health providers, arthritis clinic, physio, yoga, snoring, naturalpath, animal hospital, nails, dental, orthodonics, dry cleaning, a construction office, real estate, weight loss and accountants.Access Nova Scotia moved in here and then there. a Manhattan Pizza andthe gem Grindhouse Cafe which has lots of baked goods and coffee decent sandwiches and a great feeling of a family run business.

Area 2: A couple free standers, Lawtons with it new 2 level design that host a medical clinic and a BMO

Area 3:  Sobeys

Area 4: Adding to the auto mall Steele Mazda




Source: http://halifax.retales.ca/pvbakerhope/

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