Porter disaster and a Acapella medley

I’m back home early this morning (4am to be exact) after a disaster experience with the weather and the airline. Just a little advice for you ladies who travel with Porter during the holiday: DON’T!!!

And here is why:
– Porter has a weird way to handle your luggage. After weighing them in, you have to take the checked-in bags yourself to security for them to be scanned together with your carry on. If you travel with a child and lots of luggage, you are doomed. And after security, you have to carry them all to the luggage drop off spot. There wasn’t any help, unless you hopelessly begged someone.
– During the holiday, for certainly routes, they all of a sudden feel less generous by limitting the luggage to 1 checked-in and 1 carry-on (vs. the normal 2-2 ratio as any other airlines). I found out about that the hard way. The bf did the booking, and he swore he did not see the notice about this change. It was “cleverly” noted at the very bottom of the booking confirmation (page 3 of the printout).
And the result: I was charged $5/kg for the 2 “excess” pieces of luggage, so $5x23x2=$230, plus $25 handling fee per piece. I was so fricking mad!
– On top of this, the extra 2 pieces were not guaranted to make it in the same flight and it would be my responsibility to come back to the airport to pick them up if they didn’t.

I could understand the pressure of higher traffic at the airport, but doing business the way Porter did was absolutely a no no, to me! And then to make it worse, due to bad weather in Atlantic area, the flight was delayed almost 2 hours and I came home at 4am instead of a bit over midnight as expected.

It was a disaster travelling this way. Hope writing about my experience could help some of you who plan to travel during any holiday with Porter.

Move on to a merrier stuff, I found this link about the Lady Gaga Acapella Medley – a one-man-acapella (OMA) by nayamarie2009 from Toronto. I don’t listen to Lady Gaga much, but I loved this medley so much. So here it is for you all to see, as a better way to start the new year!

Happy Birthday to With Bite!

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