Portland Valley: Woodlawn

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Continuing on with the Portland Valley Shopping Pocket

Woodlawn has gone through some changes. In Area 1 Woodlawn Mall started as an enclosed Mall with Save Easy on one end and the Met on the other with the Kandy Kounter (where I used to by comics, baseball cards and hockey cards had a Wayne Gretzky rookie that i used in my bike spokes) and the Woodlawn Library. Eventually the Met and grocery store left and the mall was converted to a strip mall and area 2 was added. Area 6 used to be a church and a school and area 4 was kinda nothing. Area 5 was a a roads salt depot.

Portland Valley: Woodlawn
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Area 1: Anchored by the recent addition of Giant Tiger to Dartmouth , There is a Reitmans and a Penningtons, hair salon, beauty supplies,  the Dartmouth location of Comfort and Joy for teh kitschy Martha Stewart types. Dominos pizza, Pasquales Barber shop where I used to get my haircut 35 years ago, Weight Watchers, Moksha Yoga, a daycare, Coastal Dance, HR Block. HRM’s only location of Atlantic Fabrics i miss the strawberry hill store. Citi Financial, bulk barn.

Area 2: Vogue Optical (I can’t say that in my head I can only sing it), Quiznos, Taylor Flooring, Flowers Direct. The New Penny coin shop which has been in the area for a long time I wonder if the need a name change now that there will be no more new pennies? A nail shop, denture clinic, medical clinic, and Giant Robot Comics oh how I lusted for a comic book store when I grew up in Woodlawn, sorry nerd deviation there. all attached to the Abandoned Woodlawn Medical Clinic

Area 3: Staples and a couple abandoned buildings here and here

Area 4: Wendys and an Ultramar

Area 5: Boston Pizza continuing with the odd smattering of Big Box style  in the area

Area 6: Dartmouth Dodge the Car Dealerships i’ll cover over the next couple days

Area 7:  The Expressway formerly Dorey’s as it is still locally known the interesting part of this location is this is where the Danny Chedrawe started his empire when his family run corner store won on a ticket they bought for the Lotto 6/49

Woodlawn is an odd collection of small and large stores and I suspect it always will be.

Source: http://halifax.retales.ca/pvwoodlawn/

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