Post to Myself Scheduled from LAST Xmas!

I thought I’d try a little something different this year and write myself a little reminder post straight from the horses mouth one year ago. This is a post I wrote to myself one year ago and scheduled it to post today as a direct reminder of how I handled the Christmas holidays last year and how it made me feel – without the passage of time skewing my memory of it!

Okay self, here it is, here’s the recap of how you felt last year at this time when you ate too much, overindulged and gained a few pounds, completely unnecessarily. You had good intentions just as you probably do right now. You were majorly on track in the month leading up to the holidays, in the zone, kicking ass and taking names, albeit, you were sick with a sinus infection that plagued you for months, so you do get a tiny break on the lack of exercise part, but just a little one. Exercise would have made a difference.

You held off in the premature-xmas indulgences pretty well, I have to say, that is up until about December 20th, 5 days before xmas when you stopped tracking and counting all the way until December 27th. Not that you didn’t deserve a “break” from that per se, but you let that turn into some excess poundage and a free pass to gobble up too many xmas cookies. That just ultimately upset you, threw you off your game and in hindsight just simply wasn’t worth the “break” in retrospect. Those xmas cookies are yummy, especially your favourite homemade chocolate covered cherry balls, but just remember, the yumminess to them only lasts about 10 seconds and the extra, nutritionless calories lasted much longer! Not to mention that you actually felt physically ill from it too! Your body isn’t built for that anymore. You’re a lightweight now and you know it. Stop trying to roll with the big guys, cause that aint you! 😀

So this year, my suggestion to you is not to withhold from letting a bit loose, but to take a serious look at the “plan” to keep a lid on the goodies. Plan them and stick to it. And also remember that they’re like crack and throw your blood sugar for a loop and keep you wanting more – don’t fall for it because even though they are yummy, they might not be worth it. It’s up to you, really because who knows what our circumstances will be one year from now. I suggest we make a deal with ourselves. How about not making all of those xmas treats this year because you tend to adopt a mindset that believes that it’s “now or never” once a year kind of thing, so how about if you miss them, you have full permission to make them in January! I bet that come January you won’t want them.

Splurge in other ways that won’t leave you feeling like xmas road kill.

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