Postal Workers and Allies ramp up civil disobedience and call for repeal of back-to-work legislation

Across Canada, members and supporters of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are taking part in Day(s) of Action today and tomorrow.  They’re pressuring Liberal Members of Parliament and calling for the repeal of Bill C-89, the Canada Post back-to-work legislation.
Postal workers and allies have planned demonstrations in 10+ cities for Wednesday, December 19th and Thursday, December 20th.  Demonstration include rallies, MP office occupations and crashing Liberal fundraising events.
“The Liberals forced unconstitutional legislation and sent 50,000 postal workers back to unsafe conditions and to gender inequality” said Mike Palecek, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.
“This legislation only prolongs the injury crisis at Canada Post. Because of it, postal workers will suffer upwards of 315 disabling injuries by Christmas.”
Postal workers were on rotating strikes for 6 weeks but were forced back to work by the Liberal government on Tuesday, November 28th. Critics of the legislation say it violates the Canadian constitution and unjustly favours the management side in the labour dispute.
“This unjust legislation needs to be overturned. The Liberals have removed postal workers’ ability to negotiate better working conditions and a better world” said James Hutt, Campaign Coordinator of Delivering Community Power.
“On top of gender equality and health and safety, postal workers are demanding climate action and better public services through their Delivering Community Power vision. The Liberals have undermined that too” said Hutt.
The call for a day of action was quickly picked up by CUPW members and allies, with groups in Regina, Orleans, and Winnipeg already interrupting Liberal events with Christmas carols about the right to strike


Source : Media Release

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