PRCC Weekly – July 4th to 11th


The days of imagining a fitness centre; a place for clubs and activities; after school, arts and crafts, music and sports programs and cooking classes and bake sales here in our community have finally come to an end.
– By Jessica Morrissey


The Prospect Road Area finally has a community centre and what a beautiful centre it is. With our first official week operating this fantastic facility under our belt, things can only get better from here.

Summertime Adventure Camp (for children aged 6-11) kicked off our first week with many children showing up at 730am (that’s right! You CAN arrange for your children to be dropped off at 730am, for a small fee) Once all 30 children arrived at 830am camp was set to go and it was all smiles from there! This week’s theme was “Olympic Week” which had the children learning how to play many different sports and making their own Olympic medals at craft time along with team flags and other various fun, theme related activities.

My Pals and Me Preschool (for children aged 3-5) followed along with the “Olympic Week” theme. The 7 preschoolers learned about the Olympics, played many different Olympic-related games and created a lot of great Olympic artwork. These children also were the proud creators of many fabulous crafts, including Olympic medals, Olympic torches and sport-related puppets. The favorite game of the week was by far “Duck, Duck, Goose” and many enjoyed story time.

Our specialty camp for the week this week was Basketball Camp (for children aged 7-14). These 11 children learned all the fundamentals necessary to be a successful basketball player through many different fun and interactive games and drills. Children at all different skills levels were involved and lots of learning took place. Basketball Camp will take place two more times this summer during the week of July 19th-23rd and August 9th-13th! Some other specialty camps being offered this summer are All Over Sports Camp, Drama Camp and Just Gotta Dance Camp. Call the centre for more info or to register!

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