Pre and Post Supplements

There are a million and one different supplements out there in today’s fitness market and every single one of them promises benefits and results.  There’s whey protein, fat burners, pre workouts, post workouts and about a million other things that I can’t even be bothered to list right now.

I’ve tried a lot of different supplements over the past five years during my weight loss and on my journey to build a healthy, strong and esthetically pleasing body.   Some of them worked and some of them didn’t. I’ve built muscle, I’ve burned fat, gotten heart burn, had the shakes and there’s been times when I definitely didn’t feel like myself while on some supplements.

As much as I’ve used myself as a guinea pig while testing supplements, I want to stress to you that I’ve never tried anything illegal and that I’ve only purchased legal supplements from a legitimate supplement store like The Supplement King.

So, what are pre and post workout supplements and do they work?

Honestly, the whole “what are they” subject is WAY too vast for me to cover in one post and I’m not a doctor nor do I have a degree in science.  So for me to go in to a lot of detail about what they are from the scientific point of view is pointless.  What I am though is a bit of a guinea pig and I know what has worked for me and what I’ve liked over the years.  Back to what pre and post workout supplements are and what they do.

Pre and post nutrition is the key to getting optimal results in the gym and for muscular growth and recovery.

Pre workout supplements can help you get in an extra couple of reps, help you increase your weight that you’re lifting, give you better endurance and help you recover and not be as sore after your workout.

Post workout supplements help to quickly and efficiently refuel the muscles and then provide them with the raw materials they need to rebuild themselves to be bigger and stronger.

I’ve been using whey protein from day one to help repair damaged muscle tissue from my workouts and it’s something that I’ll never give up. I use Whey Protein Isolate for refueling after my workout as it’s easily absorbed by damage muscular tissue and helps rebuild and grow the muscles.  Sometimes I also use a Whey Protein Complex as a snack or before bed as it’s slow released and slowly digested and keeps me full for longer.

Occasionally I’ll try a new pre or post workout supplement like a new creatine or fat burner and I just recently finished trying two from a local company called Advanced Genetics that I got from The Supplement King.

NITRIC IMPACT is a pre workout, which helps with muscle growth, it gives you energy and focus while working out and it helps give you that pump that most guys like during and after weight training.  The other supplement I’ve got NITRIC IMPACT paired up with is both a pre and post workout supplement called GP3.  GP3 is designed to increase muscular growth, boost muscular strength, improve muscular performance and it helps trigger fat loss, among lots of other benefits.

For you guys and girls out there that want to know the quick deets about GP3, it’s a stack containing creatine, glutamine and BCAAs in pill form that you take before and after your workout.  I REALLY like the pills because there’s no nasty taste and you don’t have to force down any mixed up powder “sludge”.  The NITRIC IMPACT comes in a powder that you take 30 minutes before your workout that has arginine, taurine, caffeine, vitamin C and Naringin, which allows for better absorption.

While using these two supplements together, my lifts went up in weight, I wasn’t as sore the next day or the day after (which allows me to get another workout or two in each week) and I felt more focused while working out.  I really liked the combination of the two supplements together and as a price point, they weren’t that bad at all. If you are looking to use a pre and post, these are probably the best two I’ve ever used.

I’m taking some time off of supplements all together right now, but if I do decide to go back on them, it would be with these two, for sure.

Not all pre and post supplements are for everyone.  It’s taken me a long time to find ones that I like.  I know my own medical history and I know what supplements I can handle and which I can’t.  If you have high blood pressure, are on any medication, have any heart problems or any other medical issues, PLEASE seek medical advice before trying these or any other supplements.  If you’re not sure, ask. When it comes to your health it’s better to be safe, than sorry.


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