Premier Launches Nova Scotia-China Engagement Strategy

The province launched a Nova Scotia-China Engagement Strategy today, April 28, to capitalize on opportunities for growth in the Chinese market.

“We believe our plan and our relationship with China will mean more economic growth in Nova Scotia,” said Premier Stephen McNeil. “More exports to China means more jobs for Nova Scotians.

During the past 15 years trade between Nova Scotia and China has expanded considerably. China is Nova Scotia’s second largest trading partner. Exports to China totalled $420 million in 2015, an increase of more than 50 per cent from 2014.

In comparison, Nova Scotia exported $490 million to the entire European Union in 2015.

The Nova Scotia-China Engagement Strategy has three major elements:
–- to focus on Nova Scotia’s competitive strengths in the Chinese market
— to build and strengthen the province’s relationships in China
–- to ensure co-ordinated, strategic partnerships in support of Nova Scotia businesses and institutions as they grow this relationship

“As an exporter focused on marketing and sales to Asia, it is very encouraging to see the proactive and commerce-driven strategy of the provincial government,” said Jules LeBlanc, president of Ocean Pride Fisheries of Lower Wedgeport. “China has developed into one of our most influential trading partners, with expectations that exports to China will continue to grow as their economy and middle class expands.”

“The programs and services already put in place by the provincial government have helped enable our growth and expansion in the Chinese marketplace,” said Yuan Yao, director of Halifax-based JusNova Agriculture Ltd. “We believe a proactive Nova Scotia-China strategy will help us grow a world-class business right here in Nova Scotia.”

Fully implemented, the strategy will ensure the province works with Nova Scotia businesses and institutions that are seeking opportunities in China.

“We need to respond to the needs and demands of the Chinese market by focusing on what Chinese consumers want to buy,” said Premier McNeil.

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