Premier Leads Nova Scotia Delegation to Asia

Premier Stephen McNeil will lead a delegation to Asia Wednesday, Aug. 30, to promote trade and investment opportunities in Nova Scotia.

“Nova Scotia has established important relationships with China, Hong Kong and Japan,” said Premier McNeil. “China is our fastest growing trading partner and we want to continue to strengthen our relationship and lend support to Nova Scotia businesses and educational institutions who are active in these areas or interested in pursuing the Asian market.”

Exports from Nova Scotia to China continue to increase. Nova Scotia’s exports to China have more than doubled since 2013, reaching a value of $491 million in 2016. One of the fastest growing exports is Nova Scotia’s seafood, valued at $254 million in 2016. Seafood exports to Japan and Hong Kong are also strong, at $57 million and $80 million respectively.

During the mission, the premier and Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell will support Nova Scotia businesses attending Seafood Expo Asia in Hong Kong and meet with key business leaders to showcase Nova Scotia’s premium seafood products during several key events and meetings. The mission wraps up Sept. 13.

“We know exports are an important part of growing the economy,” said Mr. Colwell. “The relationships we are building overseas, alongside our hardworking business partners, are creating good jobs for our young people and allowing families, particularly in rural communities, to build a prosperous life here in Nova Scotia.”

The province also continues to build strong partnerships by focusing on our competitive strengths in information technology, ocean science, culture, education, agri-foods, tourism, and logistics.

“These efforts are showing positive results for trade and attracting investment, Chinese students and visitors which will benefit Nova Scotians,” said Premier McNeil. “We are working hard to strengthen our economy, which will mean more jobs for young Nova Scotians and more opportunity for the middle class.”

In 2016 the province launched the Nova Scotia-China Engagement Strategy to focus on Nova Scotia’s competitive strengths, and build on the province’s relationship in Asia.

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