Premier McNeil Welcomes Fisheries Investment

Premier Stephen McNeil said news of the federal government’s $325 million Atlantic Fisheries Fund investment will result in a stronger fisheries sector in Nova Scotia.

“We know the importance of our fisheries to our economy,” said Premier McNeil. “This investment will help grow our economy and it will mean more jobs for Nova Scotians.”

Premier McNeil said the federal investment will help the province keep building on its recent success.

“We’ve invested in the sector, we’ve focused on growing our exports, and we have supported innovation in the sector,” said Premier McNeil. “The sector will continue to grow with this investment from the federal government.”

Nova Scotia’s seafood exports have grown and, in 2016, reached an all-time high of $1.8 billion. There are now more than 9,400 people working in fisheries in Nova Scotia. In 2010, that number was 6,900.

“We want to keep growing our fisheries sector and we want to work with our partners to make that happen,” said Premier McNeil. “Together our collective efforts will ensure our fisheries sector remains strong, prosperous, and sustainable for generations.”

Source: Release

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