Pretend Boyfriends: Battle of the Ryans

Ally: If a movie were to best describe my friendship with L-A it would be You’ve Got Mail. The rom-com where the two go back-and-forth with witty and endearing emails (except we like each other in real life as well). As you saw last week when L-A tried to cheer me up after the disasterous “We’re on a Boat” photos with Blake and Leo, we discuss serious issues through this electronic medium.

Serious issues such as who would be a better pretend boyfriend to replace Leo? Because, if nothing else, we need to go on a pretend break after this fiasco.

Wish to have an update on the Leo situation?


On vacation. Together. In Italy.

So, seriously? Would it be Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?

They both get points for being Canadian, so that’s a draw. RR is from British Columbia and RG is from Ontario. I’m fine with both.

As L-A points out, they are both in  movies about being a hot dude who meets a schlumpy dude.

Ryan Reynolds:

Ryan Gosling:

So let’s debate: who is the hotter Canadian Ryan?


I need to start out by saying that I am not anti-Gosling. In fact, when the trailer for Crazy Stupid Love came out I watched it an obcene number of times. As in over ten. What? I was sick and I needed a pick me up. That scene? “Have you been you drinking? (Head tilt) I’ll drive.” Kills  me. I will go so far to say that if we were judging the Ryan’s by these trailers alone, Gosling would be the clear winner. For eff’s sake he does look photoshopped. And as this is a fashion blog, he is obviously the better dressed male.

To take it a bit further, I would even say that up until a few weeks ago this post might not exist. L-A and I would both fully endorse Gosling over Reynolds. What happened you ask?

Are you serious, Ryan Gosling? For real?


It’s like a scene from the douchiest hipster movie ever, except it’s not. It’s from what we call, “Real Life”. He is actually trotting about New York City Proper while strumming on..whatever that is. And that’s not the worst. He has a sweater carelessly tossed over his shoulder. Done. Over it. Moving on. What put the nail in the coffin for me with Gosling was also his appearance in Blue Valentine.

I expected this:


What I got was this:


Hideous glasses and a shirt with an eagle on it.

Look, it was a brilliant movie. I would highly recommend it. It just didn’t bring the hot.

Speaking of hot:

One of the most adorable rom coms ever, and please my friends, I know rom coms. I can’t really admit to watching many other Ryan Reynold films.

I can admit to googling “Ryan Reynolds motorcycle”:


I mean…really, what can you say about that?

Ryan Reynolds is also completely adorable:

It should also be noted that he can wear the hell out of a vest.

0 0


Where Ryan Gosling wears shirts that…well, frankly he wears shirts I would wear. Maybe this is a good thing. Like, you could share tank tops and such, but it’s sort of a swoon-killer.

1 1


I just miss the old Ryan Gosling. The one who loved Rachel McAdams and the one who was loved by Rachel McAdams. Remember this?

2 2

Shit. Now after watching that I’m torn.

L-A – CAMP RYAN GOSLING: So, I’d like to point out that Ally just made my argument for me. That video! I’ll admit it. I’ve watched it about 50 times. Possibly 50 times in one day.  Depending on how my work day is going, I either pick myself up with that video or calm myself down with Limp Bizkit (don’t judge). I mean, really though. That kiss! Those looks! And he picks her jacket up for her!

But my case doesn’t solely depend on that video. Let’s start with one of my emails to Ally:

I don’t know about Ryan Reynolds…my vote is squarely on Ryan Gosling. I’ll admit it, my crush for him runs deep. Like Breaker High deep. So what if I was watching a YTV show when I was pushing 20? I saw the raw talent and soon to be fucking hotness even then. I would make a fantastic casting agent.

Yes folks. While I remember having a soft spot for Reynolds back when he was the frosted tip half of the two guys in a pizza place, my love for Gosling really does go back to this:

3 3

forgive him: this hair was totally acceptable in 1997.

And that crush has gone from adorable to Holy Fuck levels of hot. And yes, I did mean to swear. Let’s just take a look at the photographic evidence:

4 4

Admit it, the smile literally makes you weak in the knees

5 5

Somehow, when he's involved, PDA isn't annoying.

And yes, I too love the Gosling-McAdams combo best. And while I’m not keen on him with Olivia Wilde, it’s a sight better to be spotted at an aquarium with her than on a boat with Legsy McGee. Just saying.

Need more photos? Well, okay:

6 6

Not only does he make bedhead and glasses sexy, but he can wear the hell out of a white t-shirt.

(Ally: Hipster shirt…cough…Hipster…)

Not even remotely hipster. There’s nothing American Apparel about that. He doesn’t look anemic AND he’s got on great trousers and loafers. But let’s move on to the formal wear.

7 7

Oh just look at those eyes. Resistance is futile

Oh, and eff-why-eye, he can also wear the hell out of a vest (both casual and formal):

8 8

The photographic evidence could go on for days. I’m not kidding. You can google it for yourself. And I recommend that you do.

And finally, he’s totally got a sense of humour about his fame. He can also be adorable with Jimmy Kimmel:

9 9

and when reading the Hey Girl memes. He even makes fun of his own outfits. Love. This. Guy. And have you seen him with a penguin??

0 0

Seriously. He's petting a penguin!

You know you want his Hey Girl smile for yourself. Because while Ryan Reynolds is hot (and he is. I totally enjoyed him in a Sandra Bullock rom com), Ryan Gosling smoulders and makes your girly bits tingle.  Seriously. Just look at him.

1 1

sweet merciful…those eyes.

But we’ll let you have the final decision.

2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9


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