Pretty in Pink: end of our challenge a party

L-A: Our challenge may have appeared to end in a fizzle, but that’s only because we were gobsmacked with a rare sunny holiday weekend. We love the blog, but you cannot ignore a sunny Canada Day by spending it inside. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t pink happening. Because there totally was. Like at the party where Ally was totes pretty in pink. Sadly, not this:

One can only assume that if Anthony hadn’t been hanging out with drag queens in Vancouver, this might have happened:

But he was and it didn’t. Instead, these were the party outfits:

I know. I’m in purple. But my only pink dress is a pink seersucker – and while that works great at a sunny afternoon wedding, it wasn’t really a dress for evening cocktails. So, instead, I went with the next best thing to shopping for a new pink wardrobe: nail polish.

I totally wore all three colours of pink this week. The essie polish wasn’t really noticeable, the OPI was classy and the Maybelline was not as gaudy as I feared and may have been the favourite of the week.  It look good when I paired it with this shirt:

Of course, I forgot to actually take a picture when I wore it to work on Thursday, so I had to wear it again this weekend for a photo – at which point the nail polish was gone and I was on an ice cream run. But I was impressed I could find a pink shirt that fits in with my ever growing collection of striped shirts.

Anthony sent us some more of his pink:

I truly hope those are jazz hands.

He promises to send us photos from the Dragalicious party, where his pink was channeling 1980s Miami.

So that was the week in pink. We’ll post the party pics to Facebook this week. In the meantime, thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks to everyone who donated to Dress for Success – we raised $240. And thanks again to our sponsors for this:

The Awesomest: Scanway, Biscuit, Love Me Boutique, Shibang, Maybelline and Edwards Book Club.

And to those of you reading in the States: Happy July Fourth! We hope your national holiday is as sunny and warm as ours was.

Ally: Thanks to L-A for posting! I didn’t even muster the energy to phone it in. Awesome and rare sunny weekend meant no blogging. In other news, we’re looking for guest bloggers this week as it will be a busy one. Any takers?

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